My story told by me, Earth – Monologues Earth – 01

By Sandor Alejandro Gerendas-Kiss
Published February, 2016



Earth-Monologue-01I am a very privileged planet. They can not imagine how proud I am to have such important and as smart as you in my area guests. Nor Divine pleasure I accommodate the widest variety of species in the universe. It is not like this? Or do you know any planet that has even a shred of life. Do not? Neither do I. In addition, 4.5 billion years my sound like someone enough to have visited me from outer space and indicated where there is more life. I do not know if you have been but at least I have not heard. Despite my exclusive’m not vain because I know my limitations. I’m just a little blue stone floating in the confines of this distant galaxy named Milky Way. I do not know why I chose to hold so much life in my breast, but the truth is that I was born to wear life. You yourselves have been finding out, but non-offending, is still quite little they know of my beginnings.

Much time has passed since my birth, although about 13 billion years of the universe I am a teenager, as if measured with the timing of you, and assign the cosmos 39, then I am a girl of 13 and a half . What do you think? But how old do you have? It is such a tiny figure that is fun to calculate. Let’s see: the homo sapiens sapiens appeared in Europe about 40,000 years ago … to look to see … who tell me your age? Well, the lack of answers I will. You have 0.00012 years, or if you prefer 63 minutes of life. I’ll tell you that amphibians, with that measurement, have about 1 year, mosquitoes six months and the last dinosaur extinction occurred just 60 days ago.

I have to admit that at that moment of existence have progressed in a vertiginous way, to the point that they have forced me to leave my teen activities to you and noticing what they are doing. I congratulate them on their achievements. In the field of science they have invented everything and the arts have created sublime works. Things unimaginable a few minutes ago just for me, although I confess that I have not stopped thinking about you being the last to arrive, have turned upside down the established order for me. This worries me so much that I do not go to concerts or clubs, trying to decipher what is being proposed, because with such intelligence should have a plan, right? Anyone of you tell me if indeed there is such a plan and what it is.

Well, to your new silence I think they should not have it, because how a newborn in just an hour you can have a plan? Because one thing is its sciences and arts and again his ability to time have realized the fragility of the environment in which they live and the collateral damage that their activities could cause you. They have polluted my air, my deforested forests and fish consumed my rivers and oceans. But not me who has suffered more because I have always been able to pull myself together. If they knew in detail the number of extinctions, burnings, I have seen glaciations be amazed. Despite all these disasters here I am, still beautiful as many humans I have said. Rather, the victims are the different ways of life that have sprung up in my air, land and water for billions of years, as I said. Excuse me again, but I think it’s time to move up to another level and build a plan that includes the arrest global warming, causing climate change and environmental catastrophe in the making. But they must do it at full speed, since the damage soon no longer be irreversible. Hurry up because I want to take what I have left of my adolescence.


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