30 April - 10 May

UN Conference on Climate Change SB48 Bonn 2018

From April 30 to May 10, 2018, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change will be held in the German city of Bonn.

There are two major issues to be addressed at this meeting, progress in the development of the implementation program of the Paris Agreement and the first round of discussions on the Talanoa Dialogue.

The 6th of May is the first meeting between the representatives of the countries and other actors within the framework of the Talanoa Dialogue. The dialogue has a structure based on three questions:
1. Where are we?
2. Where do we want to go?
3. How do we get there?

In terms of development, the way forward for the full implementation of the Paris Agreement is expected to lead countries in the drafting of the rules and guidelines of the so-called "program of work of the agreement", which should be completed by the end of 2018 and before the realization of the next COP24 in Katowice, Poland, from 3 to 14 December.

As in all the Climate Conferences held by the United Nations, thousands of government representatives, interested parties that do not belong to the organization, members of the press and personnel from various multilateral organizations will participate. As well as any major event, it will generate a climate footprint that everyone who participates will have the responsibility to contribute to minimize.

Like any other major event, the conference will generate a climate footprint that all participants have the responsibility to help minimize. For this purpose, the UN Secretariat on Climate Change is inviting participants to help make the conference as sustainable as possible. To this end, the Conference Services Secretariat has published an extensive guide online with suggestions for the sustainability of the event. This includes lodging recommendations, avoiding waste paper, as well as the use of local public transport and the options of "climate friendly" restaurants.

Traveling to and from Bonn is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions linked to any conference. All those who come to make their neutral trips in terms of carbon emissions are encouraged, promoting the use of the UN initiative "Climate Neutral Now".

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