Australia: A mirrow for the world?

Could Australia be the first area of the planet with a climate change concluded?
Not only are the mega fires out of control, which with their violent flames devastate everything they find in their path. Now other phenomena join the fires, increasing the anguish and misfortune of its poor inhabitants, animals and vegetation. Keep reading…

Proposal of SGK-PLANET to curb Cimate Change

In the SGK-PLANET opinion we must continue to trust in the UN, the COP and the Paris Agreement. But from this year 2020 the fight against climate change must take a drastic and unprecedented turn, oriented towards new forms, new procedures and new actors. Keep reading…

2020: the year of truth for earthlings

This year 2020 is expected to activate the Paris Agreement at COP26, Glasgow, Scotland, November 2 to 13. The next twelve months will be crucial and potentially full of challenges, as can be deduced from the insufficient results of COP25 . Keep reading…

Summary and conclusions of COP25 Chile-Madrid 2019

COP25 started with an unprecedented situation and ended the same way. A triple jump like that of Brazil -Chile-Spain we had never seen. The Carioca country refused to host by claiming. The second jump touched in the southern nation. The third fell in Madrid. 32 days were enough to organize the COP.
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2020 :  Year  of  the  Paris  Agreement

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Can the multiplication of gas pipelines in Europe face the Paris Agreement?

Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline is world news because the sanctions related to the Russian gas pipeline. Several times we have said that we must not attend to what the countries say during the 15 days that the Conferences for Climate Change (COP) are extended. Keep reading…

What is expected of COP25 and what are its objetives

COP25 will undoubtedly mark the 2020 climate agenda. The destiny has desired IFEMA facilities to be the setting for one of the most important, difficult and most stressful COPs that have been envisioned since these climatic summits were created in 1995. Keep reading…

PPM-CO2 the carbon letters that write our future

Humanity has always had a special concern to know what destiny holds. The popular and universal horoscopes, the tarot cards, the deck of cards, the crystal ball or the palmistry, are the best evidence of this human need. Keep reading…

The Kyoto Protocol, origins and outcome

The 1950s were times of mixed feelings. World War II had just ended, the smell of gunpowder had not vanished when the reconstruction of Europe and Japan began. The people, although they did not forget their dead, began to live life… Keep reading…

Air pollution in big cities is also a topic

At first sight the concern about air pollution, smog or pollution in cities, has been relegated to the background by universal and more alarming issues, which monopolize more headlines, such as global warming, climate change… Keep reading…

Brief history of the COPs

It is obligatory to begin our traditional “Brief History of the COP” with the news of the transfer of the headquarters of the COP25 from Chile to Spain, (December 2-13) due to the situation of political instability that occurred in the southern country during October. … Keep reading…

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Brief history of the COPs

It is obligatory to begin our traditional “Brief History of the COP” with the news of the transfer of the headquarters of the COP25 from Chile to Spain, (December 2-13) due to the situation of political instability that occurred in the southern country during October. It is the first time since the COP was created, a quarter of a century ago, that an edition of it has to change its headquarters. The most important thing is that when this was decided, there were barely 30 days left to complete the complex move, which took Chile ten months to prepare. At the end of this review you will find more details about this situation.

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Summary and conclusions of the Rio Summit

Revised January 2020

The Rio Summit was a fundamental meeting, more important than most people think. In Río de Janeiro set the foundations for the fight against climate change and face the threats that loom over life on Earth, with a view to the 21st century. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was established in Rio and the creation of the COP, Conference of the Parties, was agreed as its supreme body. For those who want to get into environmental issues, global warming, climate change, etc., it is essential to obtain information on the Rio 1992 Summit.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy?

Advantages: it is an inexhaustible, clean and efficient energy. It is going in the right direction in the fight against climate change. Contributes to sustainable development. It is one of the cheapest sources…
Disadvantages: At times when the wind ceases there is no electricity production, which is resolved with the compensation of electricity between several parks…

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FAQs about Fracking

In what countries is fracking done?

According to the publication of the US Energy Information Administration, only four countries in the world produce shale gas or shale oil commercially. Only the United States, Canada, China and Argentina extract sufficient volumes of shale gas and shale oil to market them…

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FAQs about Air Pollution?

What are the causes of air pollution?

Environmental pollution generally occurs when certain elements that cause harmful effects accumulate in quantities that nature cannot recycle. In the case of air, from the 1950s, the concentration of pollutants on a global scale reached levels never seen. This period, which has not concluded, some specialists have called “the great acceleration.”
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The COP25, Chile and its golden opportunity to make history

The COP25 will take place in Chile, between December 2 and 13 , 2019

Chile will host the COP25 in 2019, with the happy coincidence that the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. It was created with the premise of reinforcing public awareness on a global scale about the problems related to Climate Change.

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