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Meaning and importance of the environment and biodiversity
The environment is the space that sustains biodiversity and therefore life on Earth. By its definition, an environment cannot exist on a planet devoid of life.
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International Mother Earth Day in an environment of COVID-19. The motivation for this year 2020: “The role of biological diversity”. Keep reading…

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Climate Change


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COVID-19 and Climate Change. The imponderables. The world celebrated December 31, like so many other times, the end of a year and this time that of a decade. Keep reading…

Warm winter in the northern hemisphere. March 9, 2020, the temperature in New York is 17 ⁰C, in London 10 ⁰C and in Moscow 7 ⁰C. The warm winter of 2019-2020 is amazing. Keep reading…

From Kyoto to Paris, the history of two climate agreements.Thus, we arrived at the Second Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro 1992. There the continuity was given to the 26 imperishable statements of Stockholm.
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Australia: A mirrow for the world? Could Australia be the first area of the planet with a climate change concluded? Not only are the mega fires out of control. Keep reading…

Proposal of SGK-PLANET to curb Cimate Change. In the SGK-PLANET opinion we must continue to trust in the UN, the COP and the Paris Agreement. But from this year 2020 the fight against. Keep reading…

The Amazon rainforest, the lung of world. One tree breathes, two trees breathe twice as much and in the case of the Amazon it is the world’s largest rainforest that breathes. Keep reading…

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