Monthly Archives: November 2009

COP 15 Copenhagen: the fate of humanity will be played?

Revised September 2011 From 7 to 18 December 2009 will be made COP15 Copenhagen Summit on climate change-tico our planet, sponsored by the UN. It still three weeks knows that the most important decisions have been deferred in advance for next year, because there is no consensus on a legally binding treaty. The news indicated [...]

COP 15, Copenhagen is not a game … (I)

Revised September 2011 To begin shortly COP 15 Copenhagen, the Climate Change Summit hosted by the United Nations, to be held in the Danish capital from 7 to 18 December 2009, it is this opportunity to remind the curve “hockey stick”. This is a graph in which one of the variables has a smooth behavior [...]

The Earth: a pollution department store

There is so much the variety of harmful products that we emit and so diverse the means that we harm that it is hard to inventory and fully understand the multiplicity of substances and factors involved in the damage, and much more difficult, if not impossible, to predict the impact which will have the sum [...]

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