Monthly Archives: July 2011

The bubble of population

While most of humanity celebrated the advent of the third millennium, very few co-habitants of this privileged blue planet realized that world population had doubled twice since almost the same date one hundred years back. At the begining of the 1900’s, world population was of 1,6 billion human beings, but that ammount rose, despite two [...]

The bubble of commodities

We recently heard somebody say that prices of commodities have been rising for the last 10 years and that it would be about time for those prices to decrease considerably. The first thing that can be inferred after listening to this statement is that the person, who made it, without necessarilly being an economist, knows [...]

The bubble of money

The bubble of Money is undoubtedly born in 1971, just 40 years ago, when during Richard Nixon´s stay at the white house, the US decides to break the relationship there had to be between Gold and the Dollar, paying no mind to the agreements reached at Bretton Woods in New Hampshire in july of 1944, [...]

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