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Borneo, a history of an ecological catastrophe that has not yet ended

Some scientists say that what is happening in Borneo is the largest and fastest man-made ecological catastrophe in human history. Greenland, with its 2,175,600 km2, is the largest island in the world; New Guinea, with 792,500 km2, is the second and Borneo, with its 743,330 km2, ranks third among the largest islands on [...]

Cubagua and its Early Human Predators

The story referred here are unusual, but very well documented events, occurring between 1515 and 1545, which are equivalent to a small laboratory, a sample of what today was happening on a large scale on Earth. Few people know what Cubagua is, except the Venezuelans, and yet most people do not know the [...]

From historical ecology to the Anthropocene

“We have already changed the Earth: the Anthropocene is the time when humans can change the life cycle of the planet, when humans bring the planet out of its natural variability” By Sandor Alejandro Gerendas-Kiss Published on March 08, 2017 Scientific agriculture had been implemented in the United States since the second half of [...]

Are the objectives of the Paris Agreement realistic?

Never had humanity reached an agreement as advanced as that of Paris. Never before has it been so close as now to take concrete action to prevent Global Warming from continuing its increase. It should also be noted that for the first time such terms as those of the Paris Agreement, sponsored by the UN, [...]

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