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The Green Climate Fund, a mechanism against climate change

The Green Climate Fund (GCF), was created to finance projects, programs, policies and other preventive activities or consequences of the effects of climate change, to support developing countries. Its official headquarters is in Incheon, South Korea. The GCF has been devised as the main long-term financial instrument under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate [...]

The carbon footprint, what it is and how it is measured

Definition of carbon footprint The carbon footprint is the impact that human activity leaves on the environment, that is, the mark that originates a person, product or organization on the planet as a result of their daily actions, totalized according to parameters of carbon dioxide emissions ( CO2) and other greenhouse gases (GHG) released into [...]

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Is the Earth a theme park owned by Homo sapiens?

Homo sapiens were the last to arrive at this beautiful paradise called Earth, our spherical blue and green house that floats and travels with its exuberant vital load in the dark cosmos. With our newly opened intelligence, skills, natural curiosity, and exclusive existential consciousness, we are amazed to see what was discovered before our eyes, [...]

Summary of the Global Climate Action Summit, the conference that brought good news

The GCAS2018 was staged in San Francisco, California, between September 12 and 14. In a way, it was the prelude to the COP24, Katowice, Poland, December 3 to 14. The Summit was planned based on five key platforms: healthy energy systems, inclusive economic growth, sustainable communities, land and ocean management and transformative climate investments. We [...]

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The soils pollution

The soil, origin, nature and degradation The soil is the surface of the earth’s crust that covers a large part of the continents and islands of the world. It has been formed thanks to the action of abiotic and biotic components for hundreds of millions of years by the mechanical dissolution of rocks, the incorporation [...]

How we affect our environment in nine different ways

Environmental pollution, pollutants and endangered species Environmental pollution, in the classical concept, occurs when certain elements that cause harmful effects accumulate in quantities that nature cannot recycle. A contaminant is a substance that is found in a medium to which it does not belong or that does so at levels that can cause adverse effects. [...]

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