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Donald Trump’s opinion on climate change: “I don’t believe it”

At a time when deniers or skeptics of climate change are diminishing and losing their influence in the world, President Donald Trump emerges on the horizon as the number one denial of global warming, climate change and other disturbances in the Earth System, attributed to humans for science. This is very serious because Mr. Trump is [...]

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Everybody loves timber

An addiction hard to left The black widow is made love by the male, who in his last pleasant moments ignores his immediate future. Finished the loving rite the female sticks his poisonous sting and the unfortunate lover falls to the ground instantly. There is no scientific explanation for as strange as unnatural behavior. The [...]

How we affect our environment in nine different ways

Environmental pollution, pollutants and endangered species Environmental pollution, in the classical concept, occurs when certain elements that cause harmful effects accumulate in quantities that nature cannot recycle. A contaminant is a substance that is found in a medium to which it does not belong or that does so at levels that can cause adverse effects. [...]

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