COP21 Paris 2015

From Kyoto to Paris, history of two climate agreements

Thus, we arrived at the Second Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro 1992. There the continuity was given to the 26 imperishable statements of Stockholm and therefore impossible hide under the bed. Rio-92 produced preponderant documents. There are seven major challenges to face the problems of the Earth: The "Rio Declaration on Environment and Development." The [...]

Brief history of the COPs – UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

Published first time in November 2015 – Updated November 2019 It is obligatory to begin our traditional “Brief History of the COP” with the news of the transfer of the headquarters of the COP25 from Chile to Spain, (December 2-13) due to the situation of political instability that occurred in the southern country during October. [...]

Generation Friday

Dedicated to all those children, teenagers and youth who have activated and fight for their future. A long time ago the world waited for you. It was proven once again that you cannot plow in the sea. Instead, seeds of hope, wherever they spread a good day can germinate, flourish and bear fruit. And notice [...]

World Day to Combat Desertification

The "World Day to Combat Desertification" is celebrated every year on June 17, because that day, in 1994, the "Convention to Combat Desertification" was enacted in Paris, that is, a quarter of a century ago. This 25th anniversary of the Convention will be organized by the government of Turkey, in the city of Ankara. This [...]

Are the objectives of the Paris Agreement realistic?

Never had humanity reached an agreement as advanced as that of Paris. Never before has it been so close as now to take concrete action to prevent Global Warming from continuing its increase. It should also be noted that for the first time such terms as those of the Paris Agreement, sponsored by the UN, [...]

Worrying aspects of COP21

Texts we have emphasized in the draft that begins trading on Paris, Sunday December 6, 2015. (Excerpted from the newspaper El Pais, Spain, signed by Manuel Planelles, Paris 5 Dec 2015 - 21:08 CET) We have read the draft agreements on COP21 and highlight these points of their content that concern us. In the midst [...]


A Bio Big Bang on our planet A Bio Big Bang on our planet The biosphere, along with the atmosphere, are two inseparable entities of the Earth, a system in which each needs the other to exist. That thin biological sphere composed of water, soil and air full of life, has been there [...]