COP26 Glasgow 2020

Brief history of the COPs – UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

©Published first time in November 2015 – Updated September 2020 It is almost impossible to start updating our traditional Short History of the COPs with something other than the pandemic that took everyone by surprise. The aggressive coronavirus, with its severe COVID-19 disease, without knocking on the door, broke into our homes just beginning this [...]

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From Kyoto to Paris, history of two climate agreements

The 1950s were times of mixed feelings. World War II was just over. The smell of gunpowder had not vanished when the reconstruction of Europe and Japan began. The people, although they did not forget their dead, began to live life in the hope that peace and well-being would be permanent. That vision of a [...]

2020: the year of truth for earthlings

This year 2020 is expected to activate the Paris Agreement at COP26, Glasgow, Scotland, November 2 to 13. The next twelve months will be crucial and potentially full of challenges, as can be deduced from the insufficient results of COP25 and the history of failure and postponements accumulated during the last quarter of the century, [...]

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