COP – Conference of the Parties. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

COP25 will undoubtedly mark the 2020 climate agenda. The destiny has desired IFEMA facilities to be the setting for one of the most important, difficult and most stressful COPs that have been envisioned since these climatic summits were created Read more…

The History

We dedicate this space to the most important aspects of the COP, Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which are generally carried out between November and December of each year. The organization of these is carried out by the UN and all the member countries participate in them.

We also highlight with relevance all the Climate Conferences promoted by the United Nations that take place throughout the year, based in different parts of the world and serve to prepare the topics that will be discussed annually in the COPs.

Published first time in November 2015 – Updated November 2019

It is obligatory to begin our traditional “Brief History of the COP” with the news of the transfer of the headquarters of the COP25 from Chile to Spain, (December 2-13) due to the situation of political instability that occurred in the southern country during October. It is the first time since the COP was created, a quarter of a century ago, that an edition of it has to change its headquarters. The most important thing is that when this was decided, there were barely 30 days left to complete the complex move, which took Chile ten months to prepare. At the end of this review you will find more details about this situation. Read more…

The Stockholm Declaration, in way to the half century of the First Earth Summit

Between 5 and 16 June 1972, on the initiative of Sweden, the “First Earth Summit” was held, together with the UN, also known as the “United Nations Conference on the Human Environment”. At this meeting the “Declaration of Stockholm” was emitted, comparable with the Declaration of Human Rights, oriented towards the normalization of the relations of human beings with the environment.

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Summary and conclusions of the Rio Summit, Second Earth Summit

The Rio Summit was held in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, between June 3 and 14, 1992. The Second Earth Summit on Development and the Environment was organized by the UN. Its general secretary was Maurice Strong. It was attended by 178 countries, represented mostly by their heads of state, in addition to some 400 representatives of non-governmental organizations.

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The Kyoto Protocol, origins and outcome

COP3 Kyoto 1997

The 1950s were times of mixed feelings. World War II had just ended, the smell of gunpowder had not vanished when the reconstruction of Europe and Japan began. The people, although they did not forget their dead, began to live life in the hope that peace and well-being would be lasting. That vision of a better world made many begin to have children.

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Are the objectives of the Paris Agreement realistic?

COP21 Paris 2015

Never had humanity reached an agreement as advanced as that of Paris. Never before has it been so close as now to take concrete action to prevent Global Warming from continuing its increase. It should also be noted that for the first time such terms as those of the Paris Agreement, sponsored by the UN, UNFCCC, were accepted by almost all countries on Earth.

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Other Summits and Conferences on Climate Change year 2019

Climate conferences in Latin America, 2nd half of 2019

This second half of 2019 the balance of the climate conferences will be tilted towards Latin America with two major events. Good opportunity to involve people from these latitudes in important Earth issues.

1. The Latin American and Caribbean Climate Week will take place in the Brazilian city of Bahia, between August 19 and 26. Leaders, politicians, regional and global actors will meet in this city to participate in discussions on various preparatory areas for the UN Climate Action Summit, NY 2019, Sep. 23.

2. COP25 is the most important climate change meeting of the year. This time it will take place in Santiago, Chile between December 2 and 13. The COP will celebrate its fourth century in South America and is the stop prior to the entry into force of the Paris Agreement in 2020.