About the premiere of the first episode of the last season of “Game of Thrones”.

I am 72 years old and I confess that I have never seen a delivery of the successful series. The reason: I need to attend to 24 different topics for having proposed to leave a legacy before leaving this world. As will be understood, no one can be a specialist in 24 subjects at once, without contradicting the dictionary.

So I turn to my library of three thousand paper books, or my 4000 files saved on my disk “C”, or to the digital universe existing on the Internet, when I intend to write an essay on topics as varied as climate change, Borneo jungle, COP climate conferences, Anthropocene, species extinctions, electric cars, fracking, hurricanes, wind energy or basic ecology, among many others.

The sciences advance, new ideas arise, news, information and data. So, it is mandatory to keep updated to write with knowledge of the state of the subject. For this I must study. Studying and analyzing with methodology takes time.

I often work between 12 and 15 hours a day, which does not allow me to see Game of thrones, movies or series, but I am happy, and I love what I do. I am satisfied that my SGK-PLANET site has reached the first places in several dozen searches on the net.

I do not ask the young people to imitate me, but they do set aside a bit of their time for the “climate games”, which is neither a series nor a movie, but the harshest reality that is about to reach us all.

Tomorrow, as a preamble to the Day of the Earth 2019, which is celebrated on April 22, I will publish “Asymmetric warfare against animals”, within the framework of “Protect our species”, the motto chosen by the UN for the celebration of this year.

In a part of this article, I address the limited media coverage of environmental issues and the low interest of the general public on climate change and its consequences.

It is time for the media to include a section with their own name and surname, “Climate change”, a standard such as “Sports” or “Showbiz”, just to name a couple of examples. Thus, information on the subject will become more visible, easy to access and its dissemination will be wider. It is important to change this news from its current sections such as “Society”, “World”, “Sciences” and place them in “Climate Change”, where all the related topics will fit.

Unfortunately, the events of the “climatic games” will be increasingly frequent in the coming years and people will need to know about them. Next year the Paris Agreement will come into force and readers will be very enthusiastic about what will happen to the transcendental document. The media should take the opportunity to launch the new section and, in this way, contribute to disseminate the pressing environmental problems of our planet, for now, friendly Earth.

Sandor Alejandro Gerendas-Kiss