FAQs about Soils Pollution and Degradation

6. Is garbage one of the main soil pollutants?

The improperly handled waste produces environmental contamination and therefore damages to the soil and diseases to the population, especially those who live near landfills and dumps. The accumulation of garbage is made up of solid or liquid waste, still treated improvised in many countries. On the other hand, in something nations, garbage is classified by rigorous standards in three or even more classes, by means of containers marked with the name of each one.

The previous classification of the garbage facilitates its recycling and reduces the risks of contamination. Thanks to this, some potentially useful materials are used, which also reduces the consumption of new raw material and the use of energy.

The UN, referring to industrialization and economic growth spoke of the “alarming generation of waste.” He also expressed; “We must move from a society that rejects everything to one that embraces garbage reduction, reuse and recycling. We need more research and a more effective exchange of information on technologies for waste management among developing countries.”

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The soils pollution

The soil is the surface of the earth’s crust that covers a large part of the continents and islands of the world. It has been formed thanks to the action of abiotic and biotic components for hundreds of millions of years by the mechanical dissolution of rocks, the incorporation of particles and substances from air and water, but above all by the installation of living beings in the planet, almost from its beginnings and especially in the last 600 million years…

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