FAQs about Soils Pollution and Degradation

10. Is sustainable development the solution to protect the soil?

Within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals, José Graziano da Silva, Director General of the FAO, indicated during the 21st World Congress of Soil Sciences, held in Brazil: “Improving the health of the world’s soils is essential to eradicate the hunger, and fight against climate change and its consequences (…). Soil degradation affects food production, causes hunger and malnutrition, increases the volatility of food prices and forces abandonment of land and involuntary migration, leading millions of people to poverty (…).

In the report presented, the Director General of FAO has identified ten main threats to soil functions, including erosion, nutrient imbalance, loss of soil carbon and biodiversity, acidification, pollution, salinization and soil compaction.

Excerpts taken from the UN News page, August 18, 2018.


It can also be seen: https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/en/

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The soils pollution

The soil is the surface of the earth’s crust that covers a large part of the continents and islands of the world. It has been formed thanks to the action of abiotic and biotic components for hundreds of millions of years by the mechanical dissolution of rocks, the incorporation of particles and substances from air and water, but above all by the installation of living beings in the planet, almost from its beginnings and especially in the last 600 million years…

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