FAQs about the Borneo rainforest

8. Is the orangutan in danger of extinction?

The orangutan has a life expectancy of 30 years, the same period in which the great deforestation of Borneo occurred. In three decades this groups of apes saw forests disappear that had served as refuge and food for their ancestors for hundreds of thousands of years. When the trees were felled and the subsequent intensive burning of the forests, Borneo became a tragedy for the orangutans. Disoriented, without a home or food, they fled to the agricultural areas, seeking to subsist on the fruits of the oil palms, to which they were already adapting. But instead of finding the sustenance they were looking for they found themselves face to face with the firearms of the humans, who considered as a plague the noble animals to come to steal their crops. Without thinking twice, they were shot down with their rifles, in an asymmetric, cruel and inhuman killing, which should be considered a crime against nature. In August 2006, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), through its program in Indonesia, stated that the population of orangutans in that country was 20,000 animals, against the 35,000 that were in 1996. Due to its low reproductive rate, some environmental groups have warned that the red ape could become extinct in nature if urgent measures are not taken for its conservation.

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Borneo rainforest

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