Why does Greta travel by sailboat?

The obvious answer is that the sailboat does not emit greenhouse gases like a ship or a conventional plane. But Greta Thunberg’s decision carries a symbol, and that is that humanity will have to change their lifestyle radically, because the current model no longer works.

We will have to make great sacrifices, spend enormous efforts and discomforts if we want to preserve life on the planet, including our species, as Greta, the 16-year-old Swedish girl, is doing on her difficult and dangerous journey.

What are the characteristics of the ship?

The Malizia II sailboat is a competition ship for long breath races. This model in which Greta Thunberg travels was designed to compete in the 2016-2017 edition of the Vendée Globe, “a regatta that consists of sailing around the world alone, without stops and without assistance”.

It is a “zero emissions” bout, driven by wind and electricity generated by solar panels, with underwater turbines, capable of reaching maximum speeds of 40 knots (74 kph), although this time, for safety reasons, the maximum speed will be 14 knots, about 26 kph on average.

The Malizia II is not equipped with a bathroom, shower or toilet. Food will be rationed, for lack of space for supplies. For more inconvenience, your four navigators will have to share a minimum space and sleep in a single cabin.

Whose boat is it?

The boat, in fact, is owned by the royal family of Monaco. Malizia II has traveled the Mediterranean with the Malizia Ocean Challenge project, for monitoring CO2 and oceanic climate education, affiliated with the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco. Team Malizia was founded by Pierre Casiraghi, third son of Princess Caroline of Monaco.

How long will the trip between England and New York last?

Approximately two weeks.

From which port did Greta leave, when and where will it arrive?

The sailboat Malizia II, in which the brave girl goes, departure on Wednesday, August 14 from the port of Plymouth, southwest United Kingdom. He is expected to arrive in New York at the end of the same month.

What is the route and who travels with Greta?

It will be a rough and dangerous journey. The crossing will take place along the North Atlantic route between Plymouth and New York. The route is estimated at about 5,340 km.

They will go on the voyage: ship captain Boris Hermann, co-captain Pierre Casiraghi, Greta Thunberg, his father, Svante Thunberg and Nathan Grossman as chronicler of the trip.

“The fact that Greta wanted to navigate in these conditions and with these deprivations really demonstrates her commitment to climate change.” The captain Boris Sherrmann.

Follow the route in real time here.

What will Greta do in New York?

Its main activity, the reason for its arduous journey, will focus on the UN Climate Action Summit 2019, which will take place on September 23. This one-day meeting has been widely publicized for months. Many heads of state will participate in it, as the annual meeting of the UN concludes the previous day.

The message has been directed to leaders to come “with realistic plans to improve their concrete contributions at the national level by 2020, year of entry into force of the Paris Agreement, following the guideline of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 45% over the next ten years and 0 % by 2050”. The other activities of Greta will be announced later.

What else will happen in September?

Between 24 and 25, also in New York, two meetings will be held:

*Summit of the Sustainable Development Goals SDG UN 2019.

*High Level Political Forum 2019 under the auspices of the General Assembly.

By 27 the global strike for climate is called.

What other countries in America will Greta visit?

After leaving the United States, Greta will go to Canada, Mexico, Central America and finally, crossing the Panama Canal, will arrive in Chile, as a guest of honor at COP25. The twenty-fifth world climate conference will be held this year between December 2 and 13, in which the young woman will give a speech.

Recall that it was at COP24 Poland 2018, where Greta made her first media appearance. From that moment on, the girl from Sweden catapulted herself as the activist in the fight against the most emblematic climate change on the planet.

What is Greta Thunberg’s message?

“The goal is not to get people to stop using the plane overnight, but to raise awareness about how our modern life contributes to climate change”. Greta Thunberg

Sandor Alejandro Gerendas-Kiss