FAQs about Soils Pollution and Degradation

5. What are the consequences of soil contamination?

The consequences of soil contamination are much more serious than previously thought. For example, the partial or total reduction of the vegetal layer increases the desert or semidesert regions and produces the extinction of the microorganisms essential for the life of an ecosystem and puts at risk the continuity of the food chains. All this is diminishing the biological diversity (slowly from the human perspective, but at vertiginous steps with respect to the geological times) endangering the biological balance, essential to sustain life on the planet.

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The soils pollution

The soil is the surface of the earth’s crust that covers a large part of the continents and islands of the world. It has been formed thanks to the action of abiotic and biotic components for hundreds of millions of years by the mechanical dissolution of rocks, the incorporation of particles and substances from air and water, but above all by the installation of living beings in the planet, almost from its beginnings and especially in the last 600 million years…

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