FAQs about Soils Pollution and Degradation

4. What are the main contaminants in the soil?

In soils we inject all kinds of toxic and harmful substances. We introduce fertilizers, pesticides, pesticides, solid waste, heavy metals, radioactive contaminants. Acid rains return toxic substances to the earth. We inject pollutants into agricultural and livestock soils, mining camps, plains, mountains, forests, beaches, glaciers or deserts and even our small gardens. There are few spaces in the planet’s soils that remain virgin, that is, with pollution-free surfaces.

Then we have oil spills on land due to broken pipelines and poor well management. Not even the Amazon rainforest has been saved from oil exploration and exploitation. In recent times, fracking began to be used, a non-traditional method of extracting hydrocarbons at great depths. The hydraulic fracturing is very questioned by the environmentalists for the risks that it contains. During the process, up to 600 chemicals are used to release gas and oil from shale rocks. These substances can contaminate the aquifers located under the ground, as well as the substrate that nourishes the plants.

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The soils pollution

The soil is the surface of the earth’s crust that covers a large part of the continents and islands of the world. It has been formed thanks to the action of abiotic and biotic components for hundreds of millions of years by the mechanical dissolution of rocks, the incorporation of particles and substances from air and water, but above all by the installation of living beings in the planet, almost from its beginnings and especially in the last 600 million years…

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