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7. Who coined the Anthropocene concept?

The term was coined by Paul Crutzen in the year 2000. The atmospheric chemist was born in Holland, in 1933. In 1958 he settled in Sweden and worked at the University of Stockholm, until 1974. There he obtained the title of Doctor of Meteorology. In 1970 he demonstrated that nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2) react as catalysts without consuming themselves and accelerate the reduction of ozone in the atmosphere. After working at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, United States, he moved in 1980 to the German city of Mainz, to take over the direction of the Division of atmospheric chemistry of the Max-Planck Institute, and since 1983 its executive director. In 1995 he was credited, along with Molina and Rowland, with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work on the chemistry of the atmosphere, especially on the formation and decomposition of ozone.

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The Anthropocene, the epoch of humans

The evolution of the homo genre has been such a vertiginous race that it is an event unparalleled on our planet, since we had never seen anything like it on the evolutionary scale of any kind. This rapid progress has been observed through the measurements of the skulls found by the paleoanthropologists. In a period of 2.5 million years the brain size of our genre has tripled, from 650 cc to 1450 cc...

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