FAQ’S about Hurricanes with short answers

10. How are the names of hurricanes chosen?

At the beginning of century XIX they were named to the hurricanes according to the names of the saints of the day in which the cyclone manifested their greater devastation. Already in the late nineteenth century, the Australian meteorologist Clement Wragge baptized for the first time one of these storms with a female name, although retaining only biblical names. In 1953, in the United States they decided to choose any name, but always of woman. In 1979, the World Meteorological Organization and the United States Meteorological Service, to avoid problems with feminists, decided to alternate female and male names and thus ended the sexist controversy. Each year a list is then prepared, which is repeated every 6 years, in alphabetical order, starting again by the "A" every year. So, we could have: Alex, Betty, Charles, Diana, Eduard, etc. Finally, there is an agreement to exclude the names of the catastrophic cyclones, that have caused great deaths and devastations.

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