Biography of Sandor Alejandro Gerenas-Kiss

(Budapest, 1946). I migrated with my parents to Venezuela at the age of two years and since then I have lived in Caracas. I studied engineering and architecture at the Universidad Central de Venezuela UCV. Early on I dedicated myself to the business, with the help of my wife Aixa, my eternal companion and counselor. Together we formed a formidable team and we have been building brick by brick something that started as a small electronics store and over time became an important company that set the standards in the country. After its closure, after a quarter century of existence, he left footprints by dozens of sales and marketing innovations. For these achievements, the company and the employee group, we obtained many awards and international recognition, in addition to making us worthy of various invitations to the US and Japan, where we had a chance to socialize with the presidents of the biggest companies.

Parallel to my business is awakened in me an intense concern about the fate of our planet, concern later mark all my work and activities. Early on I began to form a library whose shelves privileged literature, history, philosophy, sociology and ecology, among other subjects. In 1996 I took the first steps in writing, with the satisfaction of receiving my work "Venezuelan philatelic Statistics", "Silver Medal and Diploma" in the Bolivarian IV Philatelic Exhibition, Bogotá, Colombia 1998 and "Bronze Medal "Diploma" at the World Philatelic Exhibition Literature Lorca 98, Granada, Spain 1998.
Since 2000 I dedicated my efforts to research into the history area, from which came the book “Historia de Venezuela narrada año por año”, published in 2005, voluminous work that had excellent reviews, as outlined by the "Journal of Education "and inserted into" Analitica.com ". This work earned me be named corresponding member of the Center for History of Trujillo State, Venezuela. This book would genesis of the “Historia Colonial de Venezuela”, comprising five volumes of which three are about to be published.

In 2006 I began to venture into the field of literary creation, a new stage in my life. The field of fiction gave me great inspiration to release my creative potential in several novels. The wefts are developed in the XXII century and revolving around the problems of our planet and human attitude to the crisis. "The trip to Sabina and Virtuosia" and "Sabina Inframundi" published under the direction of author. "Sabina and seventh extinction" is being edited.
In 2009 I started as a contributor to "Analítica.com" as a columnist in the section Economy and Environment. Since 2014, through the social network Twitter, I have been developing the campaign "Apology of the Earth", a tribute to our privileged planet and the life that is given to it, whose motto is: "We live in a better world but sometimes we forget". These English-Spanish bilingual messages, accompanied by pictures, have achieved wide acceptance and rapid spread in all parts of the world. In July 2015 I opened a new account on Twitter, this time dedicated to books, culture, climate change, art and literature.

The novels of climate change

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